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Personal Pictures Enhance Your Story


I’m so pleased to share this picture!


It was sent to me in 1973 as a Christmas card by a dear friend, Anita K. Dennis, who at the time was living in West Africa with her Mende Tribe and college professor husband, Ben Dennis. He is in tribal dress, with Anita standing next to him on the right. Anita is holding onto their son, Ben.

In 2014, Anita published her book “Beyond Myself The Farm Girl and the African Chief” and a snapshot with a slightly different angle and view than this one was chosen for the cover of her volume.

Never throw away old pictures, writers! They easily could find their way to a gratifying ending!


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Anita’s book, “Beyond Myself The Farm Girl and the African Chief”, is available on Amazon.com


Two different views of my Christmas card gift photo (taken in Africa) of Anita K. Dennis and her family sent to me in 1973.