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RoughCraft Artwork Miniature


The following excerpt from my short story “Night Dreams, Day Dreams” includes a piece of miniature Roughcraft Artwork which is simply reduced from the original drawing. It gives the story a little arty introduction that depicts something of the focus of the story.

Roughcraft Artwork is my own term to describe rough, handcraft drawing and illustrating an author can develop to enhance his stories. There is no use of stencils, or  the geometrics I’ve displayed previously in this blog, in this drawing.


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“A Christmastide Happy Ending”.

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Roughcraft Artwork and “Night Dreams, Day Dreams” excerpt from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

Creating An Art Backdrop


My Roughcraft Artwork, displayed in a number of this blog’s art posts–as “Roughcraft Art– Stencil-Centered”, etc.–is based in backdrop design.


The examples, here, (ABOVE and BELOW) are made up of the same design and stencil with different versions of a border. (Also see the post “Page Borders and Backgrounds” by scrolling down the main blog.)

Displayed here is a created backdrop and stenciled horse. The post “Roughcraft Artwork–Stencil-Centered” also included a discussion of the use of geometric designs added to this backdrop Roughcraft Artwork.


The backdrop shown here is created by using a heavy black marker to swirl continuing loops, or basic Roughcraft Artwork, onto the page after the stencil has been applied in the center. The loops are free-hand drawn, with various, random length and width.

The fun begins with the colors! In this particular design, I used white-out, markers, and colored pencils, and a little red ink for the small heart. The stenciled horse was drawn with black ink.

If you are interested in making handcrafted books that include artwork, you can easily create backdrop designs to add to your project. I call mine Roughcraft Artwork because I’m no near an accomplished artist! I just go with the flow.

For me, the writing comes naturally, and art is a fascination. I wanted to find some capable way to add artwork to my handcrafted books, so Roughcraft Artwork was born.

And, of course, there are as many ways to vary it as there are people! So go with your own flow!

Roughcraft Artwork designs from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg