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Personal Pictures Enhance Your Story


I’m so pleased to share this picture!


It was sent to me in 1973 as a Christmas card by a dear friend, Anita K. Dennis, who at the time was living in West Africa with her Mende Tribe and college professor husband, Ben Dennis. He is in tribal dress, with Anita standing next to him on the right. Anita is holding onto their son, Ben.

In 2014, Anita published her book “Beyond Myself The Farm Girl and the African Chief” and a snapshot with a slightly different angle and view than this one was chosen for the cover of her volume.

Never throw away old pictures, writers! They easily could find their way to a gratifying ending!


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Anita’s book, “Beyond Myself The Farm Girl and the African Chief”, is available on


Two different views of my Christmas card gift photo (taken in Africa) of Anita K. Dennis and her family sent to me in 1973.

Your Thoughts and Story Ideas



One should always keep some kind of notebook if writing aspirations dwell within!

Sometimes the smallest thought can blossom into an idea for a wonderful story. And your thoughts on a daily basis should be recorded in a notebook that is private only to you. Within those pages come inspiration to fire aspirations!

Here are some of my little gems that have come along over the years as mere thoughts evoked from within a creative brain. They were written down in my special “Writer’s Notebook”.

No. 1 = “Without a dream, there is no story; nothing to tell.” (BAH)

No. 2 = “Surviving: Always, the biggest trial in life is life. You smile and give it away, and it comes back to you, one hundred-fold, and life is yours!” (BAH)

No. 3 = “If we all would stop to think about the tracks we will leave behind, before going forward, there would be less derailments in life.” (BAH)

No. 4 = “Writing is in the blood, and it seldom leaves the writer lonely. It does often inspire a desire to connect with others of a like nature, even as the passion to fill pages consumes.” (BAH)

No. 5 = “Stray thoughts lead to deep, wandering trails.” (BAH)

Is it really any wonder that birds inspired man to seek flight?

Is it really any wonder that birds inspired man to seek flight?

Observe your world, write your thoughts, create your stories!

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Photos from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

A Word About Writer’s Block


IMG_2586 (1024x768)

Most of us on WordPress live a potential writer’s life. That is, some of us write all the time for a living, and others of us write when we have time because we love to write. We find places to write.

And some of us suffer bouts with writer’s block.

I never have had writer’s block. Nothing ever has stopped my blabber-pen!

However, I believe I do things with my writing that may unconsciously prevent writer’s block, that effectively allow me to avoid the pitfall of mental blockage.

Photography and artwork are part of that unconscious effort. I like to take pictures; the one displayed here was taken in the 1980s. (Non-digital, it uploads with no difficulty onto the modern writing sites by the way.)

When people talk to me and ask, “Where do you get your writing ideas?”, I’m sure my expression is one of incredible disbelief! That’s because I’m thinking, “What? Are you kidding? Look around! The answer is ‘life’ in all its ups and downs!”

What do you see in the above picture? Or is it just obvious to me that a storyline jumps forward here because my mind never stops, so my pen doesn’t either? Old pictures, and pictures just taken, as well, and artwork are powerful forces to use to avoid, or to overcome, writer’s block. Look at pictures. Do some artwork, which, after all, doesn’t have to be Picasso-esque!

Those things help unblock the stopped words.

Never pass up the opportunity to write down your thoughts as they come to you! Keep a writing journal. Everything that can be called an idea is worth it’s weight in gold to a writer. And the more a writer observes and records, the less credence writer’s block will have to exist in his world.

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*** Credit:
Top Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg
Photographed Book Cover of “The Creative Writer”, Edited by Aron Mathieu, 1961, published by Writer’s Digest, Cincinnati, Ohio