If you are a fan of short stories and amateur artwork of the handcrafted kind, you may find this blog a fun stop! It’s where story ideas and artwork go hand in hand.

A writer, amateur artist, and poetess and photographer, I  share my artwork stories and thoughts, here, for their entertainment and information value.

My Primary WordPress blog is:
http://www.mywritinglifexposed.wordpress.com, which traces my writing journey through life, beginning with the discovery of paper and pencil and the first stories I wrote. All my other 19 blogs are listed there on the “About” page.

Other blogs, here, at WordPress which I run include my Second Primary blog:
http://www.horsesandanimalsaretalkin.wordpress.com , where animals do the talking;

and my Composite WordPress blog at:

My poetry and photography may be read and reviewed, respectively, at:

and at:
My County Fair Exhibit:

I am big fan of WordPress and will respond to my blog visitors, as well!

Photos, Drawings, and Roughcraft Artwork in this blog are from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg.

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